East River Skate Shop (ERSS) was birthed by Richard Oates & Marisa Kompar in early 2015.  Their vision for the shop was:

East River Skate Shop is a family owned and operated business.  Our New York roots span six generations of hard working and genuine individuals.  We've instilled the shop with our passion for skateboarding & creativity and our connection to the community. Skateboarding holds a dear place in our hearts for its embodiment of both the active and creative lifestyle. Very few other pursuits resonate in the same way, and as such, most skaters are highly protective of the sport.

Richard was fatally injured in an accident on January 12, 2016.  
His family and friends have re-opened the shop with his vision as the driving force.
Passion, community, inclusion and safety.  

We appreciate the tremendous and generous support extended by so many people - it has made all the difference.  
We hope that you become or remain a member of the ERSS family, that you enjoy skateboarding and that you do so safely.


The good folks over at NY Skateboarding came through to check out the shop.  Click on the link to see what they have to say, and watch me being very self conscious in my first interview.  Much thanks goes out to them for a well put together feature.  [emoji hand clap]

Pick up a copy of NY Magazine's July 13th edition.  Aside from some very well written and thought provoking articles on the issues of the day, we got our first print shout out.  #prettycool  


Thanks Nicole, for the very nice write up on Bedford and Bowery.  Check it out here.