What skateboard wheels are best for street?

How To Buy The Right Skateboard Wheels?

Skateboard wheels come in many different shapes and sizes. There are 4 elements you should keep in mind in your quest to finding the best ones for you.

The Wheel core
The Wheel core

1. Size

The size of the wheel is its diameter measured in millimeters. You’ll often find wheels ranging from 50 – 60+ mm.

Here’s a quick size guide:

50 – 53 mm: smallest wheels, good for beginners, good for skateparks, street, and bowls

54 – 59 mm: medium-sized wheels, good for intermediate riders, skating street, vert ramps

> 60 mm: biggest wheels, great for pro, racing downhills, made for speed and rough terrains

As you can see, smaller or bigger wheels are made for different purposes. In general, bigger wheels are faster than small wheels. However, speeding up on small wheels is much faster than speeding up on big wheels.

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If you’re looking for wheels for street skating, the size of around 50 – 55 mm is a very good choice. It will give you a fast roll, a nice grip, and great acceleration.

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Are Sector 9 longboards good for beginners?

Who Are They?

Stylish panda design
Stylish panda design

Sector 9 has actually been in the skateboard industry for a long time. They were founded in 1993. Their fans, including riders, employees, or friends, call themselves 9’ers. Pretty cool, in our opinion!

They rock the longboard category! What their boards aim to do is to give riders that same exhilarating feeling when they surf the waves. That is, built for surfers, by surfers.

They don’t play funny games with your money. A thing that we know for sure is that they make really great-quality and high-end boards. You won’t find any Sector 9 boards that are priced less than $100. For such price tags, their delivery certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Many pros like singer Bob Marley love this brand. They use exclusive photography from Ray Collins on their boards, too! As of now, they carry over 7 collections with very unique series.

Definitely, a great and reliable choice if you’re just starting out!

Sector 9 Longboards Overview

Skateboard concave shapes
Skateboard concave shapes

Most of their longboards are made from high-quality 7-ply maple. You’ll find a wide variety of selections for various purposes.

They have some specifically designed for carving like the Bonsai longboard. Others are made for downhill racing, commuting, cruising, or even doing tricks.

As a first-timer, the best advice we could give you is to look for cruiser longboards. They are perfect for beginners because they are easy to learn and steer. Even if you’re not very athletic or have good balance, you’ll get used to the board in about a week or so.

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What size skateboard should a 12 year old get?

We always welcome new skateboarders to join our community, especially the young ones since they will be the future of skateboarding. And to start your skateboarding journey, it’s suggested that you begin with a good skateboard to help you getting used to the skating business.

When it comes to choosing a skateboard for a 12-year-old, most people often ask about the sizes, which is also their main concern. However, from my experiences, there are also other factors that you will need to consider.

Which is why, in this post, we’ll provide you with the comprehensive guides on how to choose a good skateboard. Here you’ll find everything you need to know regarding best skateboards for kids that are around the age of 12.

Deck Sizes

Skateboard deck construction
Skateboard deck construction

First of all, you should pay attention to the deck, which is, considerably, the most important component on your skateboard.

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