About Me

Our History

They say life in New York is crazy, it’s fast and it’s just hectic. We say, “Heck yeah, let’s go there!” We, fell in love with the city! We love biking around the Hudson river every Sunday morning and breathing that cool fresh air. Skateboarding is another sport that we hold close to our hearts. This was something we had never expected before coming here.

Opening East River Skate Shop was not easy. We didn’t have enough money to begin with. We started in a small mobile home and rented a studio to put all our gears and tools. The lack of funding caused to innovate even more. We found better ways to do things for cheaper. That’s somehow been infused with our blood now.

At first, our friends back home would place several orders to support us. We had difficulties with the suppliers as well. We remember the very first skate we sold was a small one for a kid. It was $20 or so. Yet, we were very happy.

As time went on, our determination won. We got all the maths figured out. All problems solved. We’re now running smoothly and efficiently.

Although this blog is quite new, the people behind it are veterans. We know what we’re doing. Most of our time was spent helping customers figure out what’s wrong with their boards and fix it with less costs. We’re very excited to share our thoughts with you in this blog!

What We Do

We have seen and used many skateboards over the years selling and fixing boards for customers and ourselves. The experience and knowledge help us to grow and become better at this sport.

You’ll learn:

  • 100+ practical tips from our years of experience
  • 100+ of product reviews and buying guides
  • Dozens of new tricks that leave you feeling like a pro
  • Quick & easy tutorials to help you get up and running

Our Members

Paul J. Graham is our manager. He’s a great guy. He sincerely hopes you’ll pick up useful ideas for your very own adventures.

James C. Beckley is our editor. He’s been in business for quite a while. Don’t try to fool him with fake skateboards. His eyes are well trained.

Ruth R. Millwood is our reviewer. She knows stuff. She can also help you out with any questions or concerns before buying.

Thank you for checking out our blog!