What skateboard wheels are best for street?

How To Buy The Right Skateboard Wheels?

Skateboard wheels come in many different shapes and sizes. There are 4 elements you should keep in mind in your quest to finding the best ones for you.

The Wheel core
The Wheel core

1. Size

The size of the wheel is its diameter measured in millimeters. You’ll often find wheels ranging from 50 – 60+ mm.

Here’s a quick size guide:

50 – 53 mm: smallest wheels, good for beginners, good for skateparks, street, and bowls

54 – 59 mm: medium-sized wheels, good for intermediate riders, skating street, vert ramps

> 60 mm: biggest wheels, great for pro, racing downhills, made for speed and rough terrains

As you can see, smaller or bigger wheels are made for different purposes. In general, bigger wheels are faster than small wheels. However, speeding up on small wheels is much faster than speeding up on big wheels.

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If you’re looking for wheels for street skating, the size of around 50 – 55 mm is a very good choice. It will give you a fast roll, a nice grip, and great acceleration.

2. Durometer

Then, you can see the Durometer or hardness of the wheels. Generally speaking, the softer the wheels, the more grip you’ll get. The harder the wheels, the smoother you’ll roll on them.

The hardness is usually measured on the Durometer A scale. The higher the number, the harder the wheel. For example, a 78A wheel is less hard than a 90A wheel.

You’ll also find wheel makers measure their wheels on the Durometer B scale. This scale reads 20 points lower than the A one. For example, an 83B wheel is equivalent to a 103A one.

For street skating, you’ll often find wheels that are from the 80A mark and above. If you want to slide and go fast, definitely get some hard wheels. Bones Street Tech Formula (STF) wheels, for example, are 103A hard. Their Easy Street wheels are 99A hard.

3. Shape

Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when skateboarding
Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when skateboarding

Choosing the right wheel shape very much depends on what you want to do with your board on the street.

Check out:

Straight lip/edge

Straight-edged wheels are good for lock-in control. They provide a good grip on the road. You can do powerful pumps on these.

Side-cut lip/edge

Side-cut wall wheels are designed for longer grinds and less drag. They are the perfect balance between the straight edge and round edge wheels. Taking turns on these wheels feels amazing.

Round lip/edge

Round wheels give you the perfect balance of radius, speed, and performance. You’ll get less friction on the road. This makes sliding super smooth and enjoyable. Some hard 99-100A round wheels will give you the best sliding experience.

4. Contact patch size

Choosing the right contact patch size will help improve your performance significantly. It’s pretty simple, honestly.

If you want more grip with the road, choose a wider patch size. If you want less friction, choose the narrower size.

Oh, and the contact patch is basically the area of the wheel that is touching the ground. A wider patch will give you much more stability for your jumping and landing tricks.

A narrower patch, on the other hand, will make kick, flick, and slide tricks much easier and faster.

Best Wheels For Street


Are Penny Board skateboards good for beginners
Are Penny Board skateboards good for beginners

Best for: Sliding, kicking, and flicking tricks

This 4-pack wheelset is perfect for sliding on the street. Plus, you’ll be also to pull off some really cool kick and flick moves with these guys.

They are 54mm in diameter, which is just the right size. These are very hard wheels measured at 83B (or 103A) Durometer. They are also super reactive and roll very nicely.

The wheel shape is rounded, giving riders much less friction on the road. You’ll be also to do tricks faster and smoother with these.


What is a longboard
What is a longboard

Best for: All around & classic street

This is another awesome pack of wheels for street skating. They come in the standard size of 53 mm. Also, these guys are tough.

You’ll be able to roll the street smoothly and beautifully. The shape of the wheels is slightly rounded. This makes it perfect for all-around performance. The wheels are versatile, durable, and stable.

This is the perfect combo of speed, radius, and performance. If you want your wheels to be a bit smaller or bigger, you can choose from the range of 50 – 54 mm.


Are Rimable skateboards good for beginners
Are Rimable skateboards good for beginners

Best for: Long grinds

If you love grinding tricks, you’ve got to see these wheels! They are specifically designed for those who want to pull off grinding moves with much less drag.

These wheels have a side-cut shape. This helps tremendously in reducing side drag.

Plus, you’ll get high resistance to flat spots. The design also protects the graphics from wearing out.

The wheels are 99A Durometer, which is a pretty decent hardness.


Should I get hard or soft skateboard wheels
Should I get hard or soft skateboard wheels

Best for: Solid landings

If you love doing mid-air tricks like high jumps or ollie, these wheels will be a great partner. They have a super wide contact patch.

With such size, you’ll get more stability. This is very helpful when you do those hard landings.

The wheels also let you roll very smoothly. These are more stable than narrower wheels.

They are pretty hard as well. You can certainly go fast on these ones.

This is an all-around good choice for street. We can totally recommend them.


We hope the post was helpful to you. To sum up, if you’re looking for skateboard wheels for street, you can look for 50 – 55 mm, hard, beveled lip wheels with either a narrow or wide contact patch. That’s it for today’s episode! Thank you and we’ll see you right here next time!